How to Disable Specific WordPress Plugins for Mobile Users

One of our readers recently asked whether specific WordPress plugins can be deactivated on their website’s mobile version? There is a plugin for it, like anything in WordPress. In this article, we will show you how to disable specific WordPress plugins easily in your site’s mobile version.

Why Disable Specific WordPress Plugins for Mobile Users

When someone visits your website, WordPress does not load inactive plugins. However, it loads all the active plugins and then loads the required scripts and stylesheets depending on the plugin. See our guide how WordPress works behind the scenes to see how the plugins are loaded. All good WordPress plugins only try to load if necessary. However, plugin authors sometimes find it hard to imagine whether or not you need the plugin. They choose to load the required files just in case of such situations.

Some users who want a perfect score in the Google speed and performance test often want to deactivate certain mobile plugins. This article is where it can help. Let’s look at how you can easily disable single WordPress plugins for your website’s mobile version.

Setting up WordPress Plugin Organizer Plugin

You must first install and enable the Plugin Organizer plugin. See our step- by- step guide on installing a WordPress plugin for further details. Important: A very powerful plugin is the plugin organizer. Reordering or disabling plugins can cause conflicts and unexpected behavior that can inaccessible your site. We recommend you create a full WordPress backup before you deactivate or reorder any plugins. You must visit the Plugin Organizer » Settings page to configure the plugin settings when you are activated. In addition to the default options, you just have to activate the following options.

  • Selective plugin loading
  • Selective mobile plugin loading

Don’t forget to click on the ‘Save Settings’ button to store your changes.

Creating a Must-Use Plugin for Plugin Organizer

To work properly, plugin organizer needs a must- use plugin. It will try to create it for you automatically, but if it fails, you must create it by yourself. Let’s begin by checking whether the plugin could automatically create the MU plugin. You can do this by visiting the » Plugins page installed. You will see a new link labeled Must- Use and you will see the installed MU plugins on your site by clicking on it.

If you do not see the plugin or Must- Use plugins link, this means that the plugin organizer did not create the file and you have to do it manually.















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