How to Fix the Mixed Content Error in WordPress

Are you seeing WordPress as a mixed content error? Mixed WordPress content error is due to incorrect HTTP / SSL settings. It often does not affect the functionality of your website, but it can have adverse effects on the SEO and user experience of your website. In this article, we’ll show you how to correct WordPress’ mixed content error.

What is Mixed Content Error in WordPress?

It is highly recommended that you add HTTPS / SSL to WordPress because after July 2018 Google Chrome marks all website http versions as insecure. SSL adds an additional security layer to the browsers of users around data transferred from your website. Such search engines as Google also recommend using SSL on your website. All the best hosting companies in WordPress now offer free SSL in their packages. If your hosting company does not offer this, you can get free SSL for your WordPress site via Let’s Encrypt. If you implemented SSL correctly on your website, you will see a green padlock icon in the browser address bar next to the URL of your website.

If your HTTPs / SSL settings are not set correctly, you will see an information sign or a broken padlock icon in the address bar.

Not fully secure due to mixed content

This indicates that while your website uses an SSL certificate, some content is still provided from non- HTTPS urls on your website. You can find out the content of the insecure protocol using the Inspection tool. The mixed content error is displayed in the console as a warning with details for every mixed content item.

If you can fix only one item manually, you can proceed and fix it by editing the post, page or theme file where it appears. In most cases, however, these items are dynamically added by WordPress or stored in your database. In that case, it will be difficult to detect and fix all of them manually. In other words, let’s look at how to fix WordPress’ mixed content error easily.

Fixing Mixed Content Error in WordPress

You must install and activate the SSL Insecure Content Fixer plugin first. See our step- by- step guide on installing a WordPress plugin for further details. You must visit the SettingsĀ» SSL Insecure Content page to configure the plugin settings when you activate them.

This plugin provides different levels of fixes to the mixed content error. We will explain each one of them, what they do, and which one is best for you.


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