How to Use the Plugin Organizer to Speed Up Your WordPress Site

After hosting WordPress, plugins are the second biggest reason for slowing down your WordPress site. This can often be reduced by disabling the plugin or stopping it from being loaded in areas where you do not need it. In this article, we’ll show you how to accelerate your WordPress site using the Plugin Organizer.

How WordPress Plugins Affect Your Website Speed?

One of the most common questions we have is how many WordPress plugins are too numerous? The two things most users are concerned about WordPress security and how plugins can influence speed and performance? All good WordPress plugins are coded to be loaded on your website only when necessary. You can see our infographic on how WordPress loads( behind the scenes) plugins. WordPress does not load inactive plugins, Speed Up Your WordPress Site meaning that they do not affect the performance of your website. It loads all active plugins, which then execute their code if necessary.

Now, plugin authors can sometimes not anticipate when and where their plugin features will be used on your website. They can then load their code, regardless of whether you need it. If the plugins load JavaScript and CSS files, the loading time of your website may be increased. Speed Up Your WordPress Site

How WordPress Plugin Organizer Can Speed Up Your Site

Depending on the plugins you use, you may only need some on specific pages, posts or types of posts. You may only need some plugins in the WordPress admin area, so they should not load on the front end of the website.

You can do the following things with the WordPress plugin organizer:

  • Selectively enable or disable plugins based on URL
  • Enable or disable plugins for user roles
  • Enable or disable plugins based on post types
  • Rearrange the order in which plugins are loaded
  • Disable plugins and only load them when needed

It gives you the ability to adjust the performance of your website. That being said, let’s look at how to speed up WordPress by using the plugin organizer. Speed Up Your WordPress Site

Using WordPress Plugin Organizer to Manage Active WordPress Plugins

First, the plugin organizer plugin has to be installed and activated. See our step- by- step guide on installing a WordPress plugin for further details. Important: A very powerful plugin is the plugin organizer. Reordering or disabling plugins can cause conflicts and unexpected behavior that can inaccessible your site. We recommend you create a full WordPress backup before you deactivate or reorder any plugins. Once ready, you must go to the Plugin Organizer┬╗ settings page to set your settings. Speed Up Your WordPress Site

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