How to Control Your RSS Feeds Footer in WordPress

Would you like to customize WordPress’ RSS feed footer? This lets you add personalized text, links or even publicity in the RSS feed below the content of your post. We will show you in this article how you can easily control your RSS feed in WordPress and how you can only add customized feed content to your posts.

Why add content to WordPress ‘ RSS Feed Footer?

RSS feeds provide users with an easier way to read blog posts in their preferred feed reading applications, such as Feedly. However, content scrapers can also use RSS feeds to steal your blog messages automatically as soon as they are published. Control Your RSS Feeds

Sometimes these scrapers finish in the search engines higher than your original post. See our guide on preventing blog content from being scrapped in WordPress to learn more. Control Your RSS Feeds

Adding additional content to the RSS feed footer enables you to add a backlink at the end of each article to your main site and the original post. This allows you to rank higher even if copied by content scrapers for your posts. Control Your RSS Feeds

You can also help readers to visit their website from time to time by manipulating your RSS feed footer. That said, let’s take a look at how your RSS feed foot in WordPress can be easily controlled.

 Method 1. Use Yoast SEO to add content to RSS Feed Footer

This approach is easier for all users and recommended. It uses the Yoast SEO plugin, the most popular SEO plugin for WordPress. You must first have the Yoast SEO plugin installed and activated.

See our Guide on how to install a WordPress plugin for more details step by step. You must visit the SEO» Dashboard page after activation, and then click the’ Features’ tab. Control Your RSS Feeds

Next, scroll down to “Enabled” in the ‘Advanced Settings Pages’ section.

Don’t forget to reload the plugin by saving your changes. You can then view more options from the SEO menu. 

Then click on the SEO » Advanced page and on the RSS tab.

The first box allows you to add contents before each post under the RSS feed settings. You can add content to your Post Footer in the second box. In the RSS feed footer, Yoast SEO automatically adds backlink credit text to your RSS site. The texts can either be used as-is or your own content can be added. Clicking on the’ Save Modifications ‘ button will not forget to store your settings. You can now see the changes in your RSS feed. You can see content added to your RSS feed footer at the end of each article.

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