How to Add a Stats Dashboard On Your WordPress Site

Would you like to add a dashboard stats to your WordPress site? Analytics help you determine how people find and use your website so that you can keep them back. In this article we’ll show you how to easily add your WordPress site to a dashboard stats.

Why You Need a Stats Dashboard in WordPress

You can normally install and view Google Analytics reports by logging into your Google Analytics account. It sounds great, but most people forget to regularly check their blog stats.

The two greatest reasons are:

  1. You have to login to a separate website (Google Analytics) to check the stats.
  2. You have to dig around Google Analytics to actually find what you’re looking for.

While Google Analytics is a powerful tool, some digging is often necessary to get to the right parts of the reports you want to see. Most beginners never go so far. Adding a dashboard stats to your WordPress site will solve this problem. You can quickly view the relevant stats without leaving your WordPress admin area and it will be much easier. In other words, let’s look at how you can easily add a dashboard stats to your WordPress site.

Adding a Stats Dashboard in WordPress

You have to install and activate the MonsterInsights plugin first. See our step- by- step guide on installing a WordPress plugin for further details. You must visit the Insights » Settings page to enter your license key when you activate it. You can find the license key on the MonsterInsights website under your account.

Next, you need to connect your website to your Google Analytics account. You can do this by visiting the Insights » Settings page and clicking on the ‘Authenticate with your Google account’ button.

This will direct you to Google accounts where you are asked to sign in or select a Google account if you are already registered.

To continue, you have to click on’ Next’ Please allow MonsterInsights to access your Google Analytics account afterwards. This step is necessary to bring the report back to your WordPress dashboard by MonsterInsights.

Go ahead and click to continue with the’ Allow’ button. The last step is to select the profile that you want to track. You have to select your website here and then click the’ Authentication complete’ button to proceed.

You are now being redirected to your WordPress website. This is all you installed and set up Google Analytics on your WordPress site successfully. If you have not previously installed Google Analytics on this website, it will take some time for Google Analytics to display your statistics.

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