deactivate WordPress plugins without accessing WP-Admin

what if you are locked out of the admin area of WordPress? So what are you doing? How do you disable plugins to solve your WordPress errors? Well, that’s a lot of issues. Don’t worry, we’ll show you how to disable WordPress plugin today without logging into your WordPress admin area. If your admin area does not work, these methods will help you. We’ll show you two ways to do that.

Deactivate Wp plugin using FTP program

This is an easier option for disabling plugins. You’ll need a program like Filezilla for file transfer protocol (FTP). First, log in to the FTP server (in this case Filezilla) and then browse to the folder /wp-content / plugins /.

Search and find the plugin folder you want to deactivate. Name the directory as shown below. Now, try logging in to your WordPress website, you should receive a message that the plugin was disabled.

Deactivate Wp plugin via the database

If the method above does not work, plugins must be disabled via the database. First, access your WordPress site’s database using a popular phpMyAdmin tool that many hosts provide. In this tutorial, we’ll use the same. Search for a wp options table after logging into your database:

If you want to deactivate all plugins on your website, you can simply delete the whole row by clicking the delete button next to it. You can now log in to your WordPress admin area and reset any plugins you want. What if you want only one plugin to be disabled? Click on the icon of the pencil (Edit). You’ll be taken to the screen below. You only have to change one thing. Change the plugin name a:1 to a:0. Click Go after that. Only one plugin has been successfully deactivated. We hope your problem will be solved. If you know of any other method for deactivating WordPress plugins without access to the admin area, please share the comments section with us.

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